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Nice Try, Amazon…I call that “Wishful Thinking!”

Usually, when I’m browsing stuff on Amazon, I find the “Frequently Bought Together” has some rather reasonable combinations, such that I’d ALMOST believe people actually do go through the entire purchase process for all three things.

But I know that it’s really gotta just be some “algorithm” showing several very “similar” products in the hopes of “upselling” me when I’m looking at something specific.

Amazon's Wishful ThinkingBut when recently checking out the various options for this November’s release of the 1966 Batman series, Amazon fumbled. I was looking at the first season, and as I scrolled down I figured I’d see if it most likely showed all three seasons, where I expected to be able to compare the formats.

I was rather shocked at their “suggestion,” so much that I call shenanigans.

I mean, REALLY?!? Who is REALLY going to buy season one, WITH the COMPLETE SERIES on DVD…WITH the complete series on Blu-ray?

If I’m going to buy the complete series, I’m only buying one format, not the complete thing in two formats! And if I’m buying the COMPLETE series…what the heck would I have to be thinking to then buy “just” the first season? (Especially when I believe there are bonus features exclusive to the complete series sets that won’t be on the individual seasons, and probably stuff exclusive to the blu-ray set over the dvd set).

Nice try, Amazon.

Talk about wishful thinking.

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