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TMNT Toys at Walmart (Early September 2014)

I’ve been rather dismayed at times when it seems that Target or Walmart look to have given up on the TMNT toys. Other times, just a bit frustrated when it seems they’re simply not keeping up with stocking the darned things.

And this summer it’s been a strange feeling seeing all of the movie-branded “Ninja Turtles” toys along with the animated series’ toys, sometimes firmly intermingled as if employees of the stores have seen no difference in the lines (given the often same pricing, they probably simply haven’t cared…one “turtle figure” is the same as another, perhaps).


A couple weeks ago, I happened to notice just how full (with several pegs actually overloaded) the TMNT section of the action figures aisle was, and took a step back to “admire” it.

This still doesn’t compare to the HUGE sections at Toys R Us back in the day, or Children’s Palace (a toy store akin to TRU that didn’t last). I don’t look much at the non-“basic” figures, and sure don’t remember there being these multiple lines back in the day (or at least not in the oversized sizing of so-called “deluxe” figures).

I’ve also noticed the addition of a blimp vehicle, which has me torn: two years in, and I still haven’t gone ahead and bought the Shellraiser (this line’s iteration of the van toy). I had the original “Turtle Blimp” way back in the day, and am definitely curious about this new one. Trouble is that a large as it is, I haven’t a clue where I’d be able to store/display it at present, short of rigging something up to hang it from the ceiling somehow.

Still…it’s awesome to see all this green looking through the toy aisle, even though I”m not as fond of these versions of the characters as I was the 2003 line or the original 1980s/90s line.

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