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Batman Eternal…Together Finally

While out with a friend for Free Comic Day 2014, I decided to pick up the first four issues of Batman Eternal provided the store actually had all 4. Just one month’s worth of a weekly book, and Batman at that, just for something to read.


I’ve wound up keeping up with it, quite preferring it to some Zero Year thing and despite the shifting creative team, very much liking the frequency of the book–a new issue every week.

Well, at this point–26 issues in and the 27th out tomorrow–the book is just past its halfway point (I think I read that it’s a 48-issue thing, but even a full year–52 issues–26 is the half). And I think I’m on board for the long hault…not much point to just give up on it now, and I’m liking characters it’s involving and introduced.

And now for the first time in several months I finally gathered all the issues together and intend to keep the series together moving forward.

With the various one-shots last month, I also decided to catch up on Futures End–should finish catching up tomorrow–and I’m even entertaining the notion of checking out the Earth 2 weekly coming up soon. So long as they stay on the new issue racks, I might even pick off the rest of the Futures End Month one-shots just to have the complete epic when all’s said and done.

Time will certainly tell…

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