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TMNT Toys Then And Now: Mutagen Man

It’s rather cool having the various iterations of certain characters through the years.

Here’s Mutagen Man.


I only remember one single episode with the character in the “classic” TMNT series, and I’m pretty sure the toy came first–that I was excited to see the character in the show, already having the action figure.


The figure has a cap on the top where you could insert “ooze” (sold separately, of course!) into the tank, as the character’s basically a tank of sentient, floating guts with arms and legs.

tmnttoys_thenandnow_mutagenman03The current character is acknowledged as being a tank of guts, and the figure seems designed–much as the character was in the show–to show that. This one has the colored plastic to give the look of an ooze-filled-tank.

This isn’t a character I’m all that enamored with–I bought the new figure specifically to be a counterpart to the old–but it’s a fairly big and heavy figure, so at least “feels” worth the retail price compared to less-bulky figures.

I definitely prefer the classic version, and have it in my head to track down that episode sooner than not…it will certainly influence DVD decision(s) in the near future…


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