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Harder-to-Acquire Acquisitions

I’ve come to take it for granted having a number of great comic shops nearby, amazing bargain-bins, and when I can’t find stuff in-person, the ease of eBay, and several online retailers.

But…in classic Archie TMNT, I’ve found a major hole in everyone’s stock, where I’m having to actually branch beyond usual sources and/or prices…and the simple point-and-click of online purchasing.


I was able to order these TMNT Classics Digest issues from Mirage Licensing for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, I’m left several issues shy of the 7-issue set, and “no one” stocks ’em.

And I more than DOUBLED the amount I have EVER paid for ANY single issue of a comic, bidding on the TMNT: Intergalactic Wrestling issue (and this without even the audiocassette it was originally packaged with).

But I’m relatively determined to finish my Archie collection of TMNT, and have just a handful of issues left to do so.

Definitely a bit of “fun” to the “hunt,” and a bit more satisfaction and sense of “reward” than with ordering something simply, common, that I can compare prices across multiple sources to save a couple dollars, etc.

And it’ll be cool to complete an “active subcollection,” a finite body of books, in the Archie TMNT stuff.

Just a little further to go…

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