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Red Thursday

Today, here in the United States, at least, it’s Thanksgiving.

Apparently it should be called Red Thursday, because as far as most things are concerned, apparently all businesses are in the Red, and so desperate to get into the Black that they absolutely, cannot possibly wait until AFTER today to have their big sales to draw people in and “finally” get to the “profitable” part of the year, or some such.

I feel I’ve shown my support by staying in with my family, and not going out and utilizing anything that would overtly cause someone else to not be able to stay in with theirs.

In other words: no Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, etc for me. I stepped a few feet out the front door to toss the trash into a big container in the driveway. Other than that: in with the family.

I might venture out tomorrow, but not until after I would normally already be at work. And I might spend some money, buy some “stuff” that I truly–honestly–do not NEED. But I’m not going for some $600 tv for $100, or a $500 tablet for $49, or some popular new-release movie for 50% off the overpriced $25-$30 mark. I might buy a couple randomish movies “on sale” for $3-4…essentially, the price of a comic.

But then, I might stay in. I got my new comics for the week yesterday. I got a stack of new Superman books from a clearance* table. I ordered a couple books online (through an online system and with zero “expectation” of receiving the order for another couple weeks–no instant-gratification there).

(* I was glad at the time to note the term “clearance” was used rather than “Black Friday” or such, particularly as it was WEDNESDAY, and as of this writing STILL is NOT YET actually FRIDAY.)

Maybe I sound preachy, and this post is certainly not my usual “comics-related content,” but today isn’t just another day.

What am I thankful for? Certainly more than I often feel. And much more and particular stuff than is presently, personally appropriate for this blog.

Tomorrow…back to the usual content. As I finally “accept” the “Season of Christmas,” which I have refused to do for the past month-plus with U.S. Retail largely “jumping the gun” and leaping into “Christmas” before we’d even gotten to Halloween.


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