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The Weekly Hauls: Weeks of 1/7 & 1/14

Been a couple weeks since I’ve posted one of these.

LAST week, had two huge issues in the Valiant Greatest Hits #2 and the Legends of the Dark Knight Super-Spectacular #5. Of course, as is standard nowadays, the three DC weeklies…and picked up Wolverines #1 to check it out…but it’s a $3.99 weekly, which I’m just not willing to pay. And the third issue of the new Eternal Warrior mini.


THIS week, I decided to try the new Mortal Kombat X premiere, snagged the final issue of the AVP: Fire and Stone mini…and Marvel‘s new Star Wars #1 (I posted a review the other day).


There’s also the three DC weeklies, the latest Astro City…and 3 Valiants in one week.


It’s been a really heavy couple weeks…and it’s rather disconcerting–yet again–to realize how far behind I am on reading the weeklies…despite keeping up with the purchasing (so I don’t have to catch up later and hassle with the hunt).

I am looking forward to their being done, and getting that $9/week back in-pocket for other stuff…of course, I might just be trading those for a couple of HUGE September-like months with DC‘s big event this spring.

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