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Defiant Card Albums – #0 Issues

I’ve known about the (Warriors of) Plasm card set that–completed and in 9-pocket card pages–makes up a #0 issue since it came out back in the day (1993 or so). But I don’t think I knew about the Dark Dominion one until this year.


I happened across a regular sized standard-ish comic edition of Plasm #0 in a quarter bin that I decided to get for the novelty of it. The issue seemed like it had been an insert in something, without proper binding of its own.

The store owner noticed it and asked if I was interested in these, and while I declined at the time, they stuck in my head, and a week after, I decided if he still had them, I’d ask about the price he’d quoted…since that stood, I bought ’em.

Getting these for roughly the price of a contemporary comic…reminds me once again how much my comic shop puts CONVENTION dealer rooms to shame…the every-day stuff I can get, the organization and cleanliness and extremely reasonable pricing–I often find myself quite DISAPPOINTED at cons.

Now, of course, I try to remember if I’d passed on a run of both of these series and think it’d be interesting to track them down and compare the "zero issue" to the main series for myself.

One Response

  1. Yeah, I’m pretty late here (stumbled across this page via Google), but FYI: The “regular” version of Plasm #0 came with an issue of the Previews catalogue.

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