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Another reason to “wait for the trade.”

Twenty-Seven #2 coverLately, I tend to “wait for the trade” on mini-series. After all, it’s not an ongoing series, so I might as well wait for the version of the story I’d prefer for a finite story.

Of course, for the times I might consider otherwise, any chance of an “impulse buy” are shot if the single issue(s) aren’t even available FOR said “impulse purchase.”

If I have to wait til issue 3 to get issue 2, even if I can get a (later) print of issue 1…I’m not even gonna READ the thing until I’m reading 3/4 chapters in one go…so why not wait the extra couple months, and read all 4/4 in one go, in one volume? (Or maybe by then I won’t have any interest, and will give the thing a pass as a whole).

Granted, if they already did an “overprint” and still sold out (in this case, on the 27 series), there’s less fault on the publisher. Doesn’t change the fact that this was a series I was kinda interested in checking out–and would have tried the first issue…but no one HAD the first issue, of the 5 or 6 comic shops I visited the week it was to have come out (and even the online purchase I attempted was canceled/refunded for not getting in what they’d ordered).

via Now 27 #2 Sells Out Weeks Before Shipping – And Gets A Second Printing [Bleeding Cool].

Looks like it was no one-off. Weeks before the second issue of 27 by Charles Soule and Renzo Podesta is set to ship, it has already sold out its overprint at distributor level and a second printing approved. Just as the second printing of 27 #1 is set to ship with 27 #2, so the second printing of 27 #2 will now ship with 27 #3.

So if you missed out of the first print of the first issue… yeah, looks like you’re going to miss out on the first print of the second issue too.

Ho ho ho.

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