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An Ad I Actually Really Like: Marvel Legends Hulkbuster BAF

I’m usually annoyed with ads, or at best, just flat-out ignore them. But a recent Secret Wars (2015) issue had an ad on the back for a new Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure line. The actual figure to be built? A large Hulkbuster Iron Man.


Yeah…to me, that’s pretty darned cool. And as I’m already highly interested in (what I believe is to be available soon if it isn’t already) the Marvel Selects Hulkbuster…and have the one from the Iron Man 2 toy line (3.75″ scale) and the one from the newer Avengers: Age of Ultron  2.5″ scale…kinda my thing.

So…give me this ad more often instead of the other crap that I want to ignore or that just plain holds zero active interest for me.

This ad successfully made me aware of the line so I’ll be watching for it, shows me its BAF is awesome, and has me interested (at least in buying the BAF on ebay someday).

Age of Ultron: Return of the Shiny

chromiums01I got suckered.

Nothing more than an old trick from the 1990s, Marvel.

But I got suckered in on buying Age of Ultron #1 for a rather shiny cardstock cover.

Somewhere this week I saw the issue referenced as a “chromium” cover…and that seemed to be the STANDARD cover (i.e. NOT a 1:10 or other ratioed VARIANT). With a certain fondness for bargain-bin chromium lately…I decided ok, fine…I was determined NOT to buy into Age of Ultron…but for no true increase in cover price but a nice, shiny cover?

Well, turned out the darned thing’s more what I’d consider “foil embossed,” as chromium suggests to me that the cover itself is the metallic/foil stuff, where you can tell from the inside of the issue as well.

So I’m a bit disappointed there. But I may get a review written up this week, so I’ll save the extra comments for that.

The camera doesn’t catch the sheer shinyness of it all…but here’s the issue amidst a bunch of old 1990s chromium fun-ness!


Age of Ultron [Checklist]

Edit: when I originally transcribed the promo postcard, I took the ‘AU’ designation to be a ‘given’ but it’s been brought to my attention that the ‘AU’ matters. I’ve also (2/15) added the postcard itself.

Age of Ultron checklist (front)MARCH 2013
Age of Ultron #1
Age of Ultron #2
Fantastic Four #5AU
Age of Ultron #3
Superior Spider-Man #6AU

APRIL 2013
Age of Ultron #4
Ultron #1AU
Avengers Assemble #14AU
Age of Ultron #5
Age of Ultron #6
Wolverine & the X-Men #27AU

MAY 2013
Age of Ultron #7
Avengers Assemble #15AU
Age of Ultron #8
Uncanny Avengers #8AU
Fearless Defenders #4AU

JUNE 2013
Age of Ultron #9
Age of Ultron #10
Age of Ultron Epilogue

Age of Ultron Checklist (back)

source: promotional postcard

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