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Remembering Kayla on the 28th Anniversary of Her Birth

28 years ago–October 4, 1990–Miss Kayla Crystal came into this world. At least, that’s what information my family was given when we responded to a classified ad for this 15-month-old female sealpoint Himalayan in early January 1992.


Kayla was part of my life from an evening in January 1992 until the morning of May 9th, 2010. Just over 18 years.

As we knew her exact birthdate, I’ve always observed it.

And though she’s been gone over 8 years now, she’s not forgotten, even as I’ve continued to grieve as I have over Ziggy these past 10 months, who I had a scant 7 years with where I expected at least as many more. (and it feels odd in a way to mention them together, as they never met, and my time with each of them is separated by months).


Happy birthday, Kayla.

Night Kitten, Pretty Kitty. Babycat. Kayla-kitty. I miss you. Perhaps you and Christy have met Ziggy at the rainbow bridge, and I’ll see you all waiting happily together when my time, too, comes…


24 of 32 years

20121203-133836.jpgToday I am 32. For 24 of those years (give or take a few weeks) I’ve been into comics…that’s 75% of a lifetime.

When I was introduced to comics, Superman was 50…Spider-Man was 26, The X-Men 25ish, and the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon had but 1 season.

And now it’s amazing to see comics and their characters through the eyes of a pair of 4-year-old boys and try to remember what it was like to NOT have two-plus decades of comics reading experience, the intricate knowledge of comics’ continuities and universes.

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