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Gotta Be Kitten Me

After about half a year of waiting, I finally received a certain box at work. With other, smaller (but far more awesome) boxes within.


Exploding Kittens has finally arrived.

‘Nuff said. (Though I’ll probably find more to say about it later.)

Sentinels of the Multiverse – My first post

sentinels_stack_0402A few weeks ago while visiting with a couple friends out of state, we stopped by a comic & games shop, where I wound up buying a paperback, and both my friends bought new games.

One of those games was the base set of Sentinels of the Multiverse.

The game was fun–certainly appropriate for us, as it’s got an obvious and definite comic feel to it.

It’s a cooperative game–players each have a hero deck, taking the part of that hero character, and play against the villain and environment decks, which are “run” by the rules of the game and specifics on the cards. As such, there are numerous combinations of heroes and the villain(s) to be fought, in various environmental scenarios. (I’ll probably get into more detail in a later post).

Probably the most appealing–to me–aspect as far as the game itself goes is that it’s NOT a “collectible” game. You buy the base set, and that’s what you’re buying: the base SET. Not just a selection from a set, or a random assortment of cards from a set. The entire. Base. Set. Maybe you’re new to the game and haven’t “previewed” what’s included to “know” what’s in the set, but technically…you know what you get when you buy the set. Buying the base set, I got the same set of cards my friend did, and anyone else buying it gets the same. No blind booster or “starter deck” packaging models.

So when I decided to “buy into” the game for myself, I ordered the base set, and liked the idea of the “combo pack” re-presenting the first two expansions in one box. But that was just the start: I quickly ordered the remaining expansions, which arrived this week.

And I have the feeling I’m only beginning to scratch at the surface here…


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