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IDW TMNT Collection (September 2018)

For the first time in nearly half a decade, I’ve finally pulled together the entirety of my TMNT collection (since IDW started publishing them).


The collection doesn’t fit into a single shortbox, so I have it split between the two…and they’re not tightly-packed, so there’s room for probably another year or so’s worth in the first box, and plenty of room in the second for some adjusting to avoid over-tight packing.


The first box (on the left) has the main series and one-shots/annuals/etc. and TMNT Universe, plus the Heroes and Villains iterations of the Micro-Series (and I’ll likely file the upcoming Macro-Series issues here as well).

The second box includes the various other mini-series, as well as the New Animated Adventures and Amazing Adventures ongoings that were based on the 2012 Nickelodeon animated series.

To the best of my knowledge–as of this post (end of September 2018), this is a full run of every "single issue" from IDW for the main/new TMNT material. (This excludes the digest-sized episode adaptation things, and the Color Classics reprints that I have in a longbox of pre-IDW TMNT stuff).

These are all "just" the "A" covers–I have a handful of variant covers that I’ve wound up with over the years (TMNT are a grudging "exception" to my rule on variants, where I’ll bend slightly on the matter). A collection including all the variants would probably be 3, 4, even 5 times this size, and absolutely beyond the scope of my own interest…which is the story side. The OCD "collector" side that I indulge is in having 1 of each issue, period.



The Warlock/Thanos/Infinity Gauntlet Shelf: October 2017

As of mid-October 2017, this shelf has had some newer additions!


There’s a Thanos figure from the newer Guardians of the Galaxy line (based on the animated series, I believe). I picked up the Adam Warlock Toon Tumbler over Labor Day weekend.

And the most recent addition…the "desktop monument" of the Infinity Gauntlet itself, snagged last week spur of the moment on New Comics Day.

I saw it, disregarded it, asked to look closer, and decided to just go ahead and buy it–knowing darned well I’d want it eventually and rather than spend even MORE money trying to hunt it down later, just get it and be done!

Then, of course, there’s the Adam Warlock Marvel Overpower figure (yeah, they did a small line of figures using the branding of the card game!). The Funko oversized Pop vinyl bobblehead (one of the extremely-very-few Marvel ones I’ve bought DUE TO their being bobbles).

The Thanos with the bright orange gloves and boots is from the ’90s Silver Surfer animated series’ toy line.

And the giant Infinity Gauntlet is one of those large coin banks.

I do have a Thanos "bust bank" not pictured, that would almost have to replace the books to work well on this shelf.

The Weekend Haul and Completing Subcollections

This past weekend was Comic Heaven‘s anniversary sale (Well, last Thursday and Friday! So into the weekend). I stopped in, and took advantage of the sale to snag some cool stuff!


For what worked out to be LESS THAN the price of 3 Marvel regular, standard, non-fancy, run-of-the-mill, boring comics, snagged these three paperbacks! They were already bargain-priced…but for the sale, it was buy-2-get-1-free!

The Majestic one fits in with my Superman collection as this is the story from 2004 or so when Majestic crossed over into the DCU and for the arc "replaced" Superman in his own titles! (a fun sorta meta-textual thing, as I believe there was a lawsuit years earlier over Majestic’s similarities to Superman). The Iron Man: Disassembled is the final arc on the Heroes Reborn iteration of the title before leaping into the renumber-every-year-or-few era of Marvel. And Five Ghosts I’ve heard of, and as an Image volume one, certainly worthwhile for me to get to read/try.


For 30% off back-issues, I picked up this Savage Dragon Companion, which I’d swear was not there the last time I looked at Savage Dragon stuff (orrrrrr I may have been so focused on stuff between issues 50-100 that I neglected to look through the whole of the SD collection available). The marked price was cheaper or similar to what I’d seen on Midtown, and with the 30% off, extremely worthwhile to me!

And nearly 25 years (give or take a month) after the fact, a bagged/boarded FIRST PRINT of Superman #75 that even back then was quickly going for $5+ was marked at a mere $4…the price of a current/contemporary standard/boring Marvel comic. At 30% off, it was cheaper than a current well-priced DC issue, and well worth getting for the "convenience" (and I’m a sucker for these). Especially as I remembered my other "handy/convenient" copy of the first print was a barcoded edition, not the "direct edition".


Then, another gem was this set of (3rd print) individual issues of the original Batman: The Dark Knight Returns series (back when The Dark Knight Returns was actually only the title of the first issue). With the 30% off, this set cost me less than the original collected edition paperback I bought half a lifetime ago!

Additionally, this set "completes" my "subcollection" of "key" Batman single issues that stood out. I now have single issues for Batman: Year One, Batman: Year Two, Batman: A Death in the Family, and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

I have never held any illusion/intent of getting first prints of TDKR…but have long held that I want a set of the single issues. ESPECIALLY since the cover images remain the same–it’s only (I believe/assume) the color of the title text that changed between printings, these absolutely fulfill my personal requirements for "qualifying" as single issues fit for "completing" this part of my collection!


Finally, on a whim, I’d stopped into a Books-a-Million to check their "bargain shelf," on the UNexpected minimal slight off-chance that they’d have the X-Men – The Age of Apocalypse: Alpha volume on sale, as they never have for the past year/almost-year that I’ve been checking…but they did this time, so I grabbed that for sure!

And thus, "completed" this "subcollection" of thick paperbacks. I’m pretty sure by hitting the bargain shelves and a couple bargain bins at comic shops, I managed to get these six for about the cost of 15-16 Marvel single-issues. Or in other words, got the set for essentially about 70% off cover price. Of course, to do so, it’s been across at least 10 months or so, maybe more.

More for the "Art Wall" – June 9th

I think I started what’s become my "art wall" back in January or so. Basically, I’d had some small posters in these "gallery frames," and I decided to put ’em up on a wall, using push-pins. Then it occurred to me that some older posters I had that I was having trouble finding frames for would work in these by flipping the "backing board" of the frame over to essentially provide a "black border" and I could simply position the smaller poster within the area.

This ended up working for a bunch of old posters that had come from comics–bound in the middle of whatever issues, where I’d not found any reasonably-priced option before.

And long story short, I started adding more to this wall such that I’m actually sorta concerned it’s gonna fill up before I’m ready!

One of these days I’m going to attempt to get some photos of it for this blog, but at present, I’m having a major issue with reflection off the glass in everything, such that at the angles I’d need for the camera, I’d wind up either showing off a restroom, or otherwise have too much showing too clearly in the reflection and not enough of what I actually want the photos to show.

However, at the correct sort of angle I’m able to minimize reflection and glare…so here I’m showing off several that I’ve recently put into "gallery frames" but have yet to actually get put on the wall itself.


Got the Voltron poster at the Lake Effect Comic Con last weekend; they also had this Riverdale poster, though I’d gotten mine at Kemore weeks ago. I hadn’t actually watched much of Riverdale at the time, but now have finished the season (thanks to Netflix!) and quite enjoyed it, despite the massive departures from the source material. That’s a subject for another post, though for now–I’m hoping the series gets a second season, and look forward to seeing what they do with it!

And I’ve yet to watch more than a few minutes or an episode or so of the new Voltron–I’m more familiar with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, and far prefer the original Megazord…but can’t deny simply enjoying the notion of the individual machines joining together to form an even bigger one, and I’m close to giving in and buying some of the toys, though I’ve thus far held off the temptation. But as a poster and liking the image, well worth putting on the wall!


Then, at half the price of specific comic-sized frames, I’ve found that these "document frames" work very well for single-issue comics that I want to show off. As I’ve said in previous posts, this is where I’ll give in occasionally on variants–treating them as "prints" to be hung on a wall and displayed, not merely owned and filed away in the abyss of an accumulation I call my "collection."

I’m not sure how well thicker issues or squarebound issues/annuals would fare like this…but since I’m not big into variants anyway, it’s not something I expect to really have to deal with.

I have some other issues I’m thinking of framing in this way, though…but this sort of gets into different territory than the posters and prints. I suppose that’s a matter for some other time, though.

New Pop Vinyl ’90s X-Characters

I’ve recently gone against my better judgment and bought a couple of Marvel characters in their Pop! vinyl format.

I phrase it this way, because I loathe the bobble-head format. I means that otherwise-solid, otherwise-sturdy, otherwise-quality figures are rendered EXTREMELY fragile and breakable in a way that is NOT repairable with simply a bit of glue or such. And since they’re gonna be "just on display" and not "played with" the way an action figure would…I do NOT get the "appeal" or "reasoning" from Funko TO do the figures this way–it actually killed my interest in the line for awhile and has (and continues) to leave be extremely DISINTERESTED in their Marvel range of characters.


But there’s a certain nostalgia factor for me that overrode that. First, in coming across Archangel after a friend had shown her figure off some weeks back.

Then over the weekend, I came across Cable in this classic ’90s getup and realized he’d look really cool "with" Archangel. Of course, now the added frustration of ’90s Cyclops and ’90s Xavier being long "out of print" and far too ridiculously-priced to try to acquire, along with an even-MORE-ridiculously-priced Wolverine.

But at least I have these two!

They add "character" to my X-shelf for now, and will likely remain such a presence for awhile!

Continue reading

More New (to me) Classic TMNT Toys

I received some more of the vintage TMNT figures I’d ordered last week, which was quite cool. I’ve also realized that Wingnut must have been THE figure I was most missing having, of the earlier figures…it’s just so cool actually having Wingnut & Screwloose after all these years!

fall_of_the_mighty_mutanimals_200x306With the newer vintage figures, I believe I now have what Mutanimals characters there were: Man Ray (Ray Fillet), Mondo Gecko, Leatherhead, and Wingnut & Screwloose. To my knowledge, they never did figures for Jagwar or Dreadmon.

Though Slash kinda got tied into them toward the end of the Archie run of TMNT Adventures, and the current versions of Slash (IDW series and the 2012 animated series) are both Mutanimals, I don’t quite see him as a "classic" Mutanimal.

While I was taking photos for this blog, both cats interrupted me, with Chloe being particularly disruptive. I wound up taking the opportunity to get a photo to do a mockup of a comic book style cover, hence the image to the left of her with the figures she knocked over.

On to the recent figures!


This order included a "replacement" Rocksteady. Of a number of figures, this one’s one of the more disappointing ones for me to have had to replace: the character was THE first TMNT figure I ever got, back in the heyday when stores were inundated with figures but NO ONE had the turtles themselves!

Rat King and Usagi Yojimbo are figures I’d never owned, and thus totally new to me. I’d seen images of this "newer" version of April, and really dug it…the face is slightly off, but I like the hair, and the extra coloring…makes the figure look far, far less bland than the original iteration.


The other order I’d had was Wyrm and Leatherhead. I’ve never cared for this version of Leatherhead–the character as depicted on the original animated series–but I came to like the Archie comics version, and wanted the figure solely for having been one of the Mighty Mutanimals. The figure is actually probably one of my least-favorite sculpt-wise, and just looks awkward and tiny as heck compared to his 2003 and 2012 series’ incarnations, or even the original Mirage comics.

Wyrm is far more colorful than I’d prefer, particularly compared to the TMNT Adventures version, but I’m still definitely glad to finally have the character in my collection!

Updating my "list" of figures I’m wanting:


  • Ace Duck
  • Baxter Stockman
  • Fugitoid
  • Rocksteady
  • Splinter
  • Party Wagon (vehicle)

New (to me)

  • General Traag
  • Rat King
  • Leatherhead
  • Usagi Yojimbo
  • Dirtbag
  • Tattoo
  • Wyrm
  • April II
  • Merdude
  • Hothead
  • Krang’s Android Body (regular figure size)
  • Robotic Foot Soldier(s)
  • Toon Shreder
  • Dask (Neutrino)
  • Kala (Neutrino)
  • Zak (Neutrino)
  • Movie Star Leo
  • Movie Star Mike
  • Movie Star Raph
  • Foot Cruiser (vehicle)


Along with the figures, I also ordered several accessories! The main one was Donatello’s belt. I had the original figure, still…but was missing the belt. It’s amazing how different and how "complete" the character looks WITH the belt, such a simple accessory!


And my $2 incomplete Triceraton received a $1.50 tail, making for a $3.50 replacement figure overall–cheaper than a Marvel comic!

The Rocksteady and Rat King figures pictured above were technically bought withOUT their belts…but it was actually CHEAPER to buy the figures and the belts individually than to buy the characters with their belts and some other accessory(ies) each, that I didn’t particularly care for!


Here’s the "new" April side-by-side with the original April, for comparison…


Usagi Yojimbo (classic) next to his 2003 counterpart, with an appropriate background! Usagi Yojimbo is actually the title of the comic series, though in those comics, not actually the CHARACTER’s name. (Oops, original animated series…) For sake of simplicity, in terms of the figures, I go with that, despite knowing better. ‘Nuff said.


And finally, my Mighty Mutanimals, at long last, assembled!

Reunification of the Bookshelves Spring 2016

Over the weekend, I finally finished re-sorting/re-arranging the bookshelves. Having a more "concentrated" space as well as the largest number of "dedicated" shelves available, I was able to do stuff a bit differently this time through.


I also grouped things a bit differently, and while I pointedly had the shelves themselves spaced the same on each bookcase (3 of one model, two of another), I have a configuration that works fro me, though I can see this "system" going at least slightly awry fairly quickly. Still, the collection’s been a constant evolution anyway.

Follow on below for a shelf-by-shelf "tour" of the entire graphic novel portion of my comics collection.


The TMNT stuff, as well as the newer Dark Horse Usagi Yojimbo Saga volumes. There’s basically just enough room to add the fifth Usagi Yojimbo volume or the second TMNT by IDW volume, but not both. However, I expect acquiring and adding the second TMNT volume will be the final nudge at purging the other IDW floppies from this shelf–I stopped buying those at all when the first volume was solicited, as it is a far superior way of getting the series. Then on top of that, they’ve now got triple-sized paperbacks coming out for only 1.5 times the price of the skinnier ones. Go figure.


The first Superman  shelf. I start the shelf with some of the various/general collections that span the years without necessarily being chronological/ordered collections or runs of books…at least for what I own. Then the Chronicles volumes, the Showcase, and the Superman vs. _______ volumes. Some of the other Silver/Bronze age stuff, and then the post-CoIE "continuity" run begins.


The second Superman shelf continues the post-CoIE continuity stuff. I have the Death and Return of Superman Omnibus "out of order" as a divider of sorts, following it with more generalized Superman stuff, including Superman/Batman collections. The New 52-era stuff is here, because I only own the two volumes.


There’s some slight "overflow" of Superman-related stuff into general DCU. I start with some general DC Universe stuff, then go roughly alphabetical by "property" (grouping Deathstroke with Teen Titans for obvious reasons).


There’s a slight bit of "overflow" of "general DC" onto the final shelf of this bookcase…and I decided to use the entire shelf in that regard-as the DC stuff expands, I’ll "wrap" stuff through to this shelf, hopefully avoiding the need to completely redo the bookcase anytime soon simply to fit more DC books!


Batman tops the second bookcase with his first shelf. Given its quasi-non-continuity nature, I stuck my numerous editions of Dark Knight Returns at the start of the shelf, then shift to general Batman collections before the major "continuity" run of stuff.


On the second Batman shelf I have more general stuff again that–for me–works better here than at the start of the Batman placement, and into related Batman stuff. I then finish the partial shelf with Omnibus volumes as bookends, with the Robin bust bank as extra decoration. This also allows plenty of space for the Batman collection to expand without much issue, as the bust can be relocated and the Omnibii can as well.


I decided to separate out the main "event" books. While I have the Crisis on Infinite Earths paperback with the general DC stuff, I have the Deluxe Edition oversized hardcover here to begin the run of major DC events. For lack of better placement but similar nature, I put my various prose novels of DC stuff here as well…most of them adapting the various events, and generally being a good fit in this space.


Rounding out the nearly two bookcases’ worth of DC material is the green stuff…Green Arrow and Green Lantern. The vast majority of this is the Geoff Johns-helmed Green Lantern era, with a handful of other stuff. I never got around to getting the complete run of Blackest Night collected volumes…but I’m happy with what I do have, and have not felt any great need to track those down. With both Blackest Night and Brightest Day being firmly entrenched in the Green Lantern side of things, they’re here rather than with the "general DC events" books.


Topping the Marvel books, I’ve separated out the Thanos and Warlock Infinity stuff, heavy emphasis on the works of Jim Starlin. As these only make up a partial shelf, this is a prime spot to accentuate the books with two incredibly cool banks that have obvious relevance.


I’ve got the X-Men books is roughly chronological order, with the Essentials on up to the individual story volumes.


The second X-Men shelf continues things up to roughly present-ish stuff.


I then have a third shelf of "X-Men related" stuff…dominated by Wolverine and X-Factor. While I originally didn’t care for yet another "trade dress" on the Essentials, I’ve come around to actually preferring this latest, where emphasis is now on the character/title and not the word Essential; it allows the books to look a lot better grouped with similar volumes for a series and not stick out as being alphabetically out of place.


As the smaller paperbacks and digest-sized volumes would get lost in the shelf with the full-size volumes, I separated them out here. Due to their smaller size making them physically lighter, they’re actually grouped on top of a bookcase. I ran out of actual bookends, so fit the "comics reference" books here as well for the moment.


The first shelf on this bookcase is Annihilation and Avengers volumes…including the Heroes Reborn volumes. I have the Avengers stuff in a rough quasi-continuity order rather than any strict title-order. Since I have both the run of X-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic and the singular Onslaught Omnibus, I decided with so many other thick and/or hardcover volumes, the Omnibus was a better fit here than with its paperback counterparts; and works as a split with the story impacting both the X-Men family of characters as well as the Avengers family of characters.


Following the Avengers books, I go mostly alphabetical by property for the rest of the Marvel books. I would have sworn I had the two volumes of Captain America: Fighting Chance but turns out I only have the Operation: Rebirth "classic" volume…which is a bit disappointing. There’s another large Captain America paperback I was picturing that I thought I had, but obviously do not. At least with everything back together, I have a better idea once again. I left space on this shelf for the Captain America: Man Without a Country paperback and the third volume of the Black Panther by Priest series.


Continuing the Marvel run from Hulk to Thunderbolts.


Since neither would fit well, I separated out the Spider-Man books (included Spider-Woman as a Spider- book) and Thor. There’s some space left over on this shelf that will allow for some expansion of the Marvel stuff without any major rearranging.


The Ultimate Marvel stuff now has a shelf to itself, with the gem of the collection being the near-complete Ultimate Spider-Man run…I just need to track down volume 8 to complete it! I have a handful of miscellaneous other Ultimate books in a loose-ish order, but I’ve actually mentally lost track of all the quasi-reboots and said the heck with it. Perhaps it displays my own ignorance of the books if there’s any glaring out-of-order elements.


Though it’s a lot of "shelf real estate" to "give up," the Aliens and related get a shelf entirely to themselves, along with some Aliens toys.


I have a near-complete Hellblazer library…I believe the entire 300-issue series has now been collected, and is represented in this run of volumes. I’m pretty sure the only thing under the Hellblazer heading that I’m missing is a Vertigo Resurrected collecting a mini-series set in the future. I also tossed Swamp Thing, Starman, and Watchmen here primarily for space and singularity. I hope to expand my Swamp Thing library in the next couple years, knowing that all the Alan Moore stuff is available, as well as a couple other major runs of the titles.


I managed to cram several "series" collections onto another shelf. The pre-Vertigo entirety of Astro City (unless I’m forgetting a volume); then complete runs of Preacher and Sandman in older editions (my parents gave me this 10-volume Sandman run between my birthday and Christmas in 2001!) Though I’ve loaned out several volumes, I otherwise have the complete run of the Walking Dead "serialized paperbacks." Volume 5 was THE newest one when I "discovered" the series…we’re now 20 ADDITIONAL volumes into the run. Kinda hard to believe! Finally, there was (for the moment) just enough room to squeeze the four Serenity hardcovers in.


This shelf is a mix of Disney Ducks stuff, into Archie and similar physically-sized volumes, then GI Joe, Star Trek/Star Wars, and finally Transformers.


Breaking from the vertical grouping/progression I mostly followed, I have two shelves where I intermingled "indie stuff" that basically makes up "everything else," and where no particular series truly separates itself from "the bunch" for now. I primarily alphabetized by series title, and order within that for the few that have multiple volumes.


Knowing that there are now six of these Savage Dragon Archives volumes, if I do wind up getting the rest, I will likely end up splitting those off somewhere. For now, they’re just the "brightest light" in the bunch offhand.


The final graphic novels shelf wound up with several miscellaneous volumes that don’t really fit anywhere else…and Valiant. I’d originally "intended" to keep "classic Valiant" elsewhere, as I don’t really have a problem with it, but as stuff was grouped and sorted and arranged, it came down to just clustering Valiant as a whole together. I am still extremely unhappy with current Valiant over last year’s stunt with Legends of the Geomancer, which stopped me in my tracks on the collected volumes. As it appears that the Book of Death hardcover does NOT have that mini included, I’ve basically written off Valiant in general, and may wind up purging these from the collection at some point–Time will tell!


Separate from the main collection, I have a shelf of "coffee-table" style books and such that are primarily comics-related. Most of these I’ve acquired in the past year or two, though the Great American Comic Book volume I think was a Christmas present during college, and the Buffy volume is simply far too tall to fit on a standard shelf with anything else that makes sense, so gets grouped here.

All in all, a massive collection far beyond anything I’d ever imagined growing up…or even within a couple years of college. Where once I’d dreamed of a generic personal library made up of all sorts of books (not just graphic novels), I now have enough of both to truly have the personal library and then some.

In doing all this sorting/organizing/arranging, I also yanked another couple shelves’ worth of books that were either duplicate, older editions to which I’ve gotten the newer, or generally decided I don’t need/want in the collection anymore for whatever reason.

This leaves me–still–with needing to get the actual comics collection sorted, but there should be time for that later after stuff in the personal life settles a bit.

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