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Truly Bargain-Priced

Tonight I stopped at a Booksmillion on a whim. I really was hoping they’d have something Ninja Turtles related that I’d want, but they didn’t. However, I found their bargain section (that includes a bunch of mostly-Marvel graphic novels) and came across these:


These are those mid-size volumes–smaller than a standard-trim paperback, but larger than the actual “digest-sized” volumes.

But with about 5 issues of content each, for $3.97 each…quite the bargain indeed. These, that I know I’ll like from having read some of the First Class stuff in the past, or a $3.99 comic that’ll bug me for being $3.99? These are easily the better value(s).

Also rather pleased with myself at–not having a proper inventory–having photos of my shelves in my phone, so I can zoom in and see that I do or do not have certain volumes.

Here, I bought vol. 2 and left vol. 1 on the shelf at the store, as I saw vol. 1 in my photo of the shelf it’s on in my own collection.

Post-Thanksgiving Hardcovers

avxhardcoverfrontI got a text from Amazon over the weekend that my book was on the vehicle to be delivered. Unfortunately, they decided to leave it at the apartment office, so I had to wait until Monday morning to pick it up.

This is the second copy of this AvX hardcover Amazon‘s sent me–the first arrived with the bottom corners dented in (damaged) presumably during shipping. Given the pricing of this book, I wasn’t about to accept damaged product for something new.

This copy has some minor stuff to it, but frankly, I’m not gonna worry about it. Where the prior instance was more than I’d accept, this one’s no worse than grabbing a copy off the shelf at a comic shop–I don’t need some “9.8” grade book…I just don’t want something obviously damaged (at least not new when I didn’t administer the damage through my own use).


I wasn’t expecting Spaceman for another week or two at least–just got an email a little over a week ago about this and it said 4-6 weeks, so I figured 2-3 weeks more likely.

But here it is–it was also left at the apartment office with my AvX book.

I don’t remember truly “noticing” Spaceman when it was being put out in single-issue format from Vertigo.

But it was one of the books being offered as a “giveaway” or whatever at Goodreads, and I’ve been trying to put my name in the hat for all the DC giveaways, figuring what the heck…not losing anything but a few moments of my time doing so, and with stuff like the New 52 hardcovers and whatnot, “any win” would be a bonus.

spacemanpriceSo one book that I honestly didn’t even have any interest in, and I wound up “winning” it–but looking at the back cover, reading the basic premise and flipping through it (and realizing it’s Vertigo!) I’m looking forward to actually reading this. And as said…didn’t cost ME anything but a few moments to put my name in.

Cost THEM almost $10 to ship it to me…sorta wonder why they didn’t use a media mail option, but I won’t complain.

avxhardcoversideJust over a year ago, I posted a comparison of three 18/19-issue collected volumes with questionable pricing.

This AvX volume can join that set with the same question: why not price stuff on a standard? If a standard-trim paperback with 18-19 issues has a cover price of $40, why is one hardback with 18-19 issues $65 and another with 19-20 issues $75?

AvX is practically an “omnibus” itself–it has the entire 12-issue event series, the #0-issue/prologue, the “Versus” all-fight issues and even the previously digital-only “infinity” comics that were interspersed…then again, I guess this would have to contain AvX Consequences to be an Omnibus.

This Week’s New Comic Day Haul and the $3.99 problem

For two comics at $3.99 apiece, I pay $7.98 plus tax. Let’s call it $8 for an even number.


So…two new comics, and they cost me $8, and I read ’em both in maybe 20 minutes, definitely less than a half hour.

But for $6.75 plus tax (let’s be liberal and call it $7 for an even number) I scored a good-sized haul, a much greater value by far!


The Essential X-Factor vol. 2 alone has 21 issues’ content in it (got it for $5). The giant-sized Magic: The Gathering card cost me $.25, and the comics cost me $.25 apiece, and the 100 Most Important Comics of All Time is a magazine with plenty of text with pictures; I got an extra copy of the X-Men ’97 Annual to share with a friend.

An Essential can keep me reading for over a week, and if nothing else, the two annuals and the Supergirl issue would keep me reading at least a half hour if not an hour…the magazine might even be an hour’s read in itself if I went cover to cover vs. perusal.

Kinda takes some fun outta new comics and lends continued weight to the idea of bailing on new comics and sticking to back issue/bargain bins and cheap collected volumes.

A little on a lot: digital comics and pricing

As I’ve not been blogging regularly lately, there are a number of things I’ve been thinking about, had thoughts about, and generally considered blogging about/retreading, but haven’t. I sat down Saturday morning for awhile and typed a lot more than I intended. So I’ve broken that into several posts (this is one of those posts).


digicomicsI’ve bought a few issues of Batwing digitally a month “late” for the discounted price DC offers. However, I think I’ve only actually READ through issue 2, so I may look for some other series to try this way. Where DC’s got it right is that these are rather new issues, BUT I’m not paying the full identical price as the PRINT EDITION. Marvel doesn’t seem to do this discount only a month later. They have the Netflix-style subscription to “stream” comics (not actually buying/downloading them) or full price matching the print edition (or paying $3.99 for the print and getting a code to ALSO get a digital edition, but that’s a different thing). 1502Marvels are more expensive ANYway, which has put me off more of their books than I could probably list.

I cannot justify paying the same exact price for an electronic file as I’d pay for a physical comic. I’ve caved and see it moreso with ebooks, for convenience: but the primary reason for me for buying a digital comic WOULD be that it’s cheaper than the print, so I’m sacrificing convenience (of size/etc) in favor of a savings from DC. If the digital price is the same, I’m simply sacrificing convenience for the digital experience.


threeninetynineA couple years ago, I was all set to jump in on all the new Avengers books for the Heroic Age “relaunch.” BUT…I refused then and continue to refuse to pay $3.99 as a standard price. 4 Avengers titles at $3.99 each was NOT an investment I was willing to make. $2.99 each ($12/month) was within my tolerance…$3.99 each ($16/month) was beyond my tolerance.

regenesisMore recently, I picked up X-Men: Regenesis and Uncanny X-Men #1 and Wolverine & the X-Men #1, just to try ’em (and because I’d spent a half hour in a comic shop that didn’t have whatever I’d walked in looking for, and I wanted to justify to myself the time/effort of going). But while I probably would’ve given both series (and some of the other X-books) more of a chance, I refuse to pay $3.99/issue (especially as I believe Uncanny was $2.99 before the renumbering). I enjoyed Gischler’s X-Men series, uncannyxforce19point1but even that I finally gave up on because it just didn’t seem worth $3.99/issue.

I dropped Iron Man for the same reason: at $2.99, it was a solid enough title (down from my loving it after reading the 19-issue hardcover). But $3.99 is more than I’m willing to pay.

I’m somewhat “grudgingly” continuing with Uncanny X-Force, because it hooked me with the Age of Apocalypse stuff, and scratching the X-itch as well as Deadpool. But I’m looking for an excuse to drop it, and may just as soon drop it spur-of-the-moment sometime as not.

Why not price stuff on a standard?


  • Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection vol. 1.
    18 issues, Paperback, Standard size: $40.
  • The Invincible Iron Man vol. 1.
    19 issues, Hardback, Oversized: $40.
  • Captain America: The Death of Captain America Omnibus.
    18 issues, Hardback, Oversized, the word “Omnibus” branded on the cover: $65.

Because pricing something based on issue quantity/pagecount or trim size and having a hardcover or not would make too much sense, no?

Old vs. New: Quarter Bins vs. New Comics Rack

This week was another where I managed to score some cool stuff from the quarter bin of my local comic shop. Sad thing is, it also continues to pound home just how EXPENSIVE current comics are. 2/3 of my final cost was the tiny stack of new issues, dwarfed by a huge stack of almost 60 issues that totaled roughly HALF the cost of the other 7 issues (one of which was a $1 comic).

Sharing the awesomeness…

Picked up where I left off a couple months ago, adding to my Silver Surfer run:


And getting a great start on my early post-Crisis Flash run (no pun intended):


Some early 1990s X-Men issues (two editions of Bishop’s first appearance…not sure if the one is the first print or 3rd or later; the gold cover is the 2nd print:


The GI Joe/Transformers full 4-issue mini, and 4 of the first 5 issues of GI Joe Special Missions:


Couple shiny issues, Infinity Gauntlet #1, and the first issue of the “new” X-Factor:


The entire stack of quarter-bin awesomeness compared to the new issues:


The new issues:


My wallet’s being killed

Several weeks ago, I read about an upcoming project from Fantagraphics: The Complete Carl Barks. This led to a brief exchange of tweets with Blake Petit of cxPulp.com and Evertime Realms that in turn led me to contact my friend Mike Vitale to “commission” the following comic strip.

With every announcement of a new book coming out that I might be interested in purchasing…this is my wallet’s nightmare.


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