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Completing Two "Sets" in a Weekend Haul

I snagged a few more bargain-bin issues last Thursday and Saturday, and finally completed not just one, but two “sets.”

Over the last several weeks I’ve been snagging the various Comics’ Greatest World issues:


I’d “missed” Motorhead at JC‘s the last time, so went back to find that, and also came across a later Motorhead special. The CGW Motorhead issue completes my set of the Comics’ Greatest World issues this time around.


Then, since I’d seen a number of these issues scattered throughout the bins, I decided to see what I could piece together of a second set. Found all 4 Arcadia issues.


Also found all 4 Steel Harbor issues, including the 2nd copy of Motorhead.


Found 3 of the 4 issues of Golden City…thankfully, I’d forgotten a duplicate I’d wound up with of Catalyst: Agents of Change, so this subset was completed as well.


And I could only find 3 of the 4 issues of The Vortex…missing the final issue: Out of the Vortex itself.


I was pretty sure I might have seen Out of the Vortex in the bargain bins at Comic Heaven–knew I’d seen several Comics’ Greatest World issues at the least. And sure enough…found Out of the Vortex there, completing a second set of the series.


Snagged several randomish issues at JC’s, including a Thor issue I saw an ad for when I paged through the final issue of Thunderstrike a few days earlier, so grabbed that. The GI Joe issue I don’t have, though I might have #1. The others were just sort of “hey, 25-cents…can’t beat that for this!”


I’d actually meant to put the Timewalker issue back, but (obviously) forgot. The Secrets of the Valiant Universe I didn’t want to pass up despite being pretty sure I have that already. And nothing like pulling “rare” issues like Unity #0 and Darque Passages from a quarter-bin.


I believe Vanguard is the character I recognized from a random Eternity comic I picked up earlier; found issues 1-3 here, so snagged ’em.


Grabbed several X-books from my list…


Near as I can tell, Mercy is a short prestige-format/”original graphic novel,” and definitely not bad for only 25 cents! (and early-ish Vertigo, at that).


At Comic Heaven, I came across 3 Sliders comics. I only bought two of them as the other was a 2nd issue of two, and I didn’t want the temptation/frustration of trying to track down the first…and these two will be plenty (if not more than enough) to see if I even enjoy the property in comics. Six appeared to be another small “original graphic novel” and so well worth its bargain-bin pricing.


It was quite cool to come across these Ultraverse issues. Two copies of the “newsstand edition” of Rune/Silver Surfer (a flip-book) and another copy of the Rune/Venom issue…signed by Chris Ulm and including a certificate of authenticity!


I know I already have Turtle Soup in its entirety, but do recall at least one issue being in less than wonderful condition. Finding all 4 covers the bases, so to speak, on a replacement copy…and no sense leaving only 3 of 4 issues to frustrate someone else, anyway.


I have no idea what Hypersonic’s about, but it’s a 4-issue mini series of which all 4 were present…and I saw “Abnett” on the cover, so figure this oughtta be well worth a read.


The polybag on Divine Right caught my attention…but moreso is the “preview” issue for Stormwatch. Doom’s caught my attention as a mail-away. Overstreet looked interesting–rather than a price guide it’s got short creator profiles. And the Sojourn issue is Sojourn; an apparent one-shot or such. Originally $3.95 cover price…not a bad buy from the bargain bin.


Snagged the 2099 Unlimited issue to add to my growing 2099 collection. The Doom 2099 is the final issue, and I’m pretty sure these later issues are going to prove MUCH harder to track down than any of the early issues, so this was quite a welcome find. I grabbed the Iron Man issue as I’m filling out that run apparently; the Heroes issue is random Milestone.


I grabbed the Justice League issues as randomish ’90s stuff to read. Darkstars adds to my growing Zero Hour set. And Zen…well, I’m pretty sure this is a better-condition copy of one I already have…and hey, it’s Archie Zen for under 50 cents…can’t beat that!

A Haul Worthy of Comic Con

Hand in hand with “panels,” comic conventions–to me–mean cheap comics and from sources outside my usual stomping grounds. Yet, more and more lately I find that what dealers bring to local cons just can’t hold up to “everyday bargains” I find at local comic shops: whether it’s 75% of HCs/TPBs when Marvel blows stuff out, the plethora of cheap “sets” and “runs,” or just (what I consider to be) high-quality quarter-bin stuff.


Right now, aside from wanting to fill out my TMNT collection, I’ve been working on my Ultraverse, Classic Valiant, ’90s Bat-books, and ’90s X-books collections. However, along with stuff for those “main” target areas, I’m a sucker for random single issues–especially with a shiny cover that would’ve cost $3+ 20 years ago but is now just 25 cents–as well as the random “run” of pretty much anything. (Say, 25 of 26 issues of Doom 2099 or 21 of 24 issues of Thunderstrike).


I’ve loaded up on some great bargain-bin fare the last few weeks from three local comic shops: Kenmore Komics in Akron, JC’s in Cuyahoga Falls, and Comic Heaven in Willoughby (local when I visit my parents).

Above I show some Valiant stuff, including my $1/ea copies of Rai #6 (Leaves me with only one chapter of Unity to track down) and Rai #0.


I’m missing one single issue from having a (new) complete set of the Comics’ Greatest World original saga, and may research how long each of the spin-off ongoings went; though those series aren’t nearly as plentiful in bargain bins that I’ve seen.


I grabbed Ultraverse Premiere #0 because…well, it was a mail-away, so not nearly AS common as other early Ultraverse books from this time. Hawkman and Universal Soldier I grabbed for shiny-ness.


I grabbed the Freex issue as a cover I didn’t recognize off the top of my head. The Green Lantern issue I recall being a “hard to find” issue back in the day, so am quite amused at being able to get (yet another) copy for only a quarter. And Darkwing Duck? Darkwing is just awesome!


I know I’d had at least one copy of Rune vs. Venom years back, but since officially beginning my Ultraverse quest, for the life of me I have NOT been able to locate it. Stumbling across it–a lone, random Ultraverse issue in a collection of primarily Marvel and some DC was quite a welcome bit of serendipity!


X-O, Superman, and Doom just for the sake of shiny-ness. Especially X-O…I’m a sucker for these “chromium” covers!


Detective Comics is going to be one of the harder series for me to fill in due to sheer longevity. Other series have come and gone, but Detective and Batman have 2-3 times as many issues to track down from the 1990s-2000s as any other single related title.


…Of course, snagging 135 issues plus several annuals for Robin in one go is absolutely FANTASTIC, if only for convenience alone!


The week after I’d bought the Robin 1-135 stack, I was given these: they’d been destined for that stack, but just hadn’t made it out. I would have gladly paid the $4ish for these, but welcome the “bonus” to what was already a great price for such a tremendous run in one go.


A couple years ago I assembled a set of Eclipso: The Darkness Within. I’m presently intending to also build a set of Zero Hour, Armageddon 2001, and Bloodlines.


…and thanks to this set, DC One Million, as I believe this is probably 2/3 of the entire ‘event’.

Wednesday, I’ll plan on showing off the more plentiful Marvel and X-Books bargain bin finds of late.

My End-of-May Bargain Acquisitions (part 1 of 3)

A couple weeks ago, I went to the comic shop with the intent of buying just two comics. Of course, I just had to look at the bargain bins. And long story short, I wound up walking out with this box of comics…


The core of the bargain-bin purchase (other than the new comics, I’ve stuck to the 25-cent bins) was the majority of Batman #401-491; a solid run from #432-onward:


I also scored a handful of Detective Comics issues…a couple from earlier in the run as well as some early 600s+. This was a small-ish stack, but until now, it’s seemed MOST of my “main title” Batman acquisitions have been Detective.


I snagged the entire Camelot 3000 run since all 12 issues were there. Been meaning to read this in one format or another for awhile…this should help accelerate my getting around to reading it. And definitely can’t beat the price. Nothing like finding an entire maxi-series for the same price as (or less!) than most current comics.


I grabbed these 6 Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow/Butcher/Question issues since it looks to be the entirety of a mini-series. While I’m not a fan of mini-series for newer comics/off-the-shelf purchasing…I quite appreciate them when I find complete minis in the bargain bins.


I figured I’d fill out a new copy of my Comics’ Greatest World collection…here’s the “regular edition” Sourcebook, as well as the Dark Horse Insider “magazine” with some stuff about CGW.


More Comics’ Greatest World:


…even more Comics’ Greatest World:


A complete mini-series..and this’ll go well with my expanding on my ’90s Superman collection, as it’s a “tie-in” mini of sorts… I don’t consciously recall knowing about this series, even back then. So finding the entire thing in one place…for half the cost of a $2.99 comic…another great find!


For the price and starting at #1, grabbed these first seven issues of Sandman Mystery Theatre:


Another complete mini-series. No clue what it’s about, but it’s early Vertigo, and it’s a 4-issue mini, so why not?


And yet another complete mini-series. Notice a trend? Same as above: no clue the premise, but all 4 issues and it struck me as also being “early Vertigo” even though it doesn’t seem to carry the logo…


Along with the “runs” and complete minis, I snagged some randomish issues, including two different printings of a glow-in-the-dark Ghost Rider issue, and a Spider-Man issue with Thanos:




Recent Acquisitions: Older Books

Along with the various “free” comics I picked up on Free Comic Day, I also snagged a couple other bargains: a fresh copy of the Superman Tribute issue from Wizard that came out after The Death of Superman stuff; a hardcover The Trial of Captain America, and most surprising of all (to me) a $5 copy of Solar, Man of the Atom: Alpha and Omega still in the original bag with a poster! (originally cover-priced $10 on initial release back in 1994). The Captain America book was also $5, and the Wizard issue was a mere 25-cents.

FCBDnonfreebooksI’d also found myself that Saturday revisiting eBay, checking on the current pricing of the Ultimates 2 hardcover. I’d snagged the first hardcover in early May last year, paying a bit of an unwelcome “premium” for it including shipping, on the expectation that its price would skyrocket with the Avengers movie as “everyone” would want the darned thing. I wound up getting Ultimates 2 (also out of print like Ultimates) including shipping for well under cover price, giving me the two-volume set I’ve wanted to have for years.

ultimatesHaving managed to track down the Ultimates 2 volume, I turned my attention to tracking down the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy hardcover. I’d first seen it at a Books-A-Million a number of years ago while visiting with a friend, and I passed on a $17 copy several years ago at Kenmore. Managed to get this copy, including shipping for under $14.

ultimategalactusandvaliantmastersI also have meant to get the Valiant Masters hardcover edition of Bloodshot since about the time the book came out last year. I wound up finding both it and the Ninjak volume, and got both–including shipping–for little more than cover price of either of the single volumes.

ultimategalactusandvaliantmastersstacked Continue reading

Another X Book

x2013000I remember 1993 or so–Dark Horse launched their Comics’ Greatest World 16-week event. 16 weeks, 16 books, $16. At the time, many new comics were in the $1.50-$2 range, so even then $1 was a bargain of sorts.

This event introduced a bunch of (I presume) new characters to the company’s stable of titles; each had its own logo and a few actually went on to support ongoing books for a time; Barb Wire I believe even got a movie.

The year after, they did a 12-week single-title series Will to Power, following one character in particular–I believe the character was Titan (one of the characters from CGW).

Anyway, the one that most stood out to ME was X. This masked guy who would “warn” his “victims.” If I recall correctly, one slash across the face was a warning. But when you were marked with two–forming the letter X–you were marked for death. And it was criminals who were marked; X was a vigilante, an “anti-hero” of sorts.

comicsgreatestworldweek01xI recall getting a couple of promo issues with Hero Illustrated magazine, and having an issue or two of the ongoing series. Mostly I was familiar with its existence moreso than the book itself.

I noticed the X Omnibus last year or the year before, and was quite interested recently to hear the character had returned in Dark Horse Presents…and grabbed the single-issue X #0, collecting those DHP-serialized story segments. And then last week despite my usual avoidance of MINI-series and even telling myself to wait for the “graphic novel” edition, I bought X #1.

It took me a few days to get around to reading it, but Sunday night I read #0, then went on to #1, and then just because I had it handy from a recent bargain bin purchase, I read the original Comics’ Greatest World: X issue, and quite thoroughly enjoyed the thing.

x2013001While typing this post, I got curious–I don’t remember ever seeing Comics’ Greatest World itself nor Will to Power collected into single volume editions. While doing a bit of digging, I came across a Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus, that appears to collect both stories into a single volume. Including shipping, I paid about $14, which–when you think about it–is less than the cost of 4 contemporary $3.99 issues.

And there are two volumes in the X Omnibus series (the second seems recent-ish)–near as I can tell, those together collect the character’s ongoing series from the mid-1990s, including those Hero Illustrated promo issues. So I may eventually seek to acquire those. There seem to be several volumes of Omnibii for Ghost, which seems to have been THE most successful property of the 16 introduced in CGW.

Thinking on it the last couple days…X is a character I know next to nothing about, though; I couldn’t even tell you the character’s “real name” if he has a “secret identity” or such; nor anything about his “origin” and all that. Could be a good thing (i.e. this is the beginning of a journey-of-discovery regarding the character) or a bad thing (perhaps the character is actually really boring).

I suppose time will tell.

Random Promo-ish comics

I recently bought a longbox of mostly X-books, which proved to be a significant step toward shoring up gaps in my 1990s’ X-books runs. I also snagged some promo-type comics.

Pretty sure I have the Bravura issue somewhere, and I think I found the Deathmate and Comics’ Greatest World Advance Comics editions this summer, but skinny as these were, grabbed them while I was filling the longbox.


I do kinda miss this sort of thing; and while I get sick and tired of the 3-7 page “previews” of comics in the backs of current issues, I wouldn’t mind a skinny preview issue every week or couple weeks…at least then it’d feel like its own thing, and I could read it (or not) without being fooled at the length of the issue.

Whatever else there is to say about Wizard…I often enjoyed the #0 issues (and even the send-away #1/2 issues).


The Defiant issue caught my attention–I may have read an issue of Warriors of Plasm, but mostly Defiant‘s caught my attention this summer as I’ve learned more about 1990s Valiant; figured learning of the comic universe’s origin can’t do much harm.

I also kinda miss these Ashcan comics, though I grabbed these since I was filling a longbox and their space is negligible.


One of these days I’m going to have to read up on X. Other than the Will to Power weekly $1 mini the one summer, Xwas the main Comics’ Greatest World character I was actually interested in.

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