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More Shiny Comics

After a momentary re-kindling of my fascination with “shiny covers” last week, I had the chance to raid bargain bins at a local Half-Price Books store as well as another comic shop, Comic Heaven a few days later over the weekend.

Got these six “shiny covers” at Half-Price Books:


And then at Comic Heaven, snagged these as part of a 15/$5 deal:


And while not of the shiny variety, found a full set of the Milestone #1s still bagged (I’ve seen these occasionally in bargain bins, both bagged and unbagged, but I don’t recall ever finding all 4 at once, bagged). I can finally build/complete the 16-panel poster now, as each of these comes with 4 panels of the whole.


Best part is, all the comics shown in this post, shiny covers, polybags, and all?
Cheaper than buying any 2 NEW comics today!

Age of Ultron: Return of the Shiny

chromiums01I got suckered.

Nothing more than an old trick from the 1990s, Marvel.

But I got suckered in on buying Age of Ultron #1 for a rather shiny cardstock cover.

Somewhere this week I saw the issue referenced as a “chromium” cover…and that seemed to be the STANDARD cover (i.e. NOT a 1:10 or other ratioed VARIANT). With a certain fondness for bargain-bin chromium lately…I decided ok, fine…I was determined NOT to buy into Age of Ultron…but for no true increase in cover price but a nice, shiny cover?

Well, turned out the darned thing’s more what I’d consider “foil embossed,” as chromium suggests to me that the cover itself is the metallic/foil stuff, where you can tell from the inside of the issue as well.

So I’m a bit disappointed there. But I may get a review written up this week, so I’ll save the extra comments for that.

The camera doesn’t catch the sheer shinyness of it all…but here’s the issue amidst a bunch of old 1990s chromium fun-ness!


$3.99 vs. $3: Shiny Bargain-Bin Finds

Looking through a new mix of 25-cent books at the LCS today, wound up with a bunch of shiny covers, as well as a few random issues. I have GOT to get a list together soon of what I actually have and what I still need by way of ’90s X-books.

Started out with a couple random issues cuz they were there, and then grabbed Phalanx Covenant:


And though I grabbed the Phalanx Covenant books for being there…wound up with the 4-part Generation Next arc–pretty sure at least one or two of these are new for me:


I’m not sure now which issues of Hero Illustrated I’m missing, but pretty sure this one’s new…and for what it is and the price, if it’s a duplicate I’m glad to take a chance anyway. And given I’m not buying current New-52 Superman…well, Man of Steel #1 is just sheer awesomeness I couldn’t bring myself to pass up.


And finally, for a mere 75-cents, almost $13 in 1990s sparkly-shiny-foil-chromium cover goodness:


11 comics and a magazine for $3–still came out $1 less than any other single issue new this week. What’s it gonna take for me to give up the new and settle in with “just” the old?

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