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July 4th, 2017

A quick, simple post…showing off the colorful, patriotic cover art of Superman with the U.S. flag, in celebration of the United States’ Independence Day.


Iconic, generic poses…but these two immediately came to mind when I was thinking of such images to share for the day. Loads of others, too…but as two of my most recent acquisitions, these were forefront for me.


Then there’s the classic cover from Adventures of Superman #505, celebrating the character’s return after Doomsday, Funeral for a Friend, and Reign of the Supermen:


And with that…I’ll call it a day. Hope everyone (whether celebrating the day or not) has a great day!



It’s been a lot of years since I’ve really appreciated fireworks. A few years ago–maybe 4 or so–I was at a baseball game with some friends, and there were fireworks after the game. Other than that, offhand, I can’t remember the last time I sought out a fireworks display.

Usually, I avoid them–I’m not partial to the noise is probably the biggest factor–to say nothing of summer and being outside at the time of night the visuals of the fireworks work best being a time I associate with swarms of mosquitos and other bogs that have nothing better to do but land and crawl on bare skin or fly straight into one’s eyes.

That said…I always seem to think back to this cover of Adventures of Superman when I think of tying fireworks to comics. It was one of those shiney/foil/sparkly covers so popular during the 1990s, but it works.

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