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This Week’s Comics Haul (Week of 2/12)

This was another large-ish week for me…


My standing hold of “all $1 books” holds, and has now resulted in my actually owning a My Little Pony comic.

Letter 44 is on the chopping block for me…much as I enjoyed the first issue and the overall premise…I haven’t read the previous issue yet, and here’s the next, so…we’ll see.


From the quarter-bin, I snagged a mere 4 issues this week. I believe I’m now just missing Hulk 2099 #1 to have a full set of the main 2099 #1s from the quarter bins. I snagged the Wolverine and the X-Men Annual cuz hey…25-cents for the digital code!

I’m all about seeing as many digital codes as I can NOT go to waste…and snagging issues like this then make future 99-cent Comixology sales that much more likely to hook me, as it’s that many fewer issues to buy, and at 25 cents rather than “even” 99 cents.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual #1 [Review]

injusticegodsamongusannual001The Hunt for Harley

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Xermanico, Jonas Trindade, Mike S. Miller, Bruno Redondo
Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez Rodriguez
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Cover: Juan Jose
Assistant Editor: Aniz Ansari
Senior Editor: Jim Chadwick
Published by: DC Comics
Cover Price: $4.99

Normally I’m not a huge fan of Lobo, though the character occasionally gets my interest. I had enough curiosity in September that I wound up snagging the Lobo Villains Month issue, and since I’m already following Injustice, there was no reason for me to avoid this issue arbitrarily.

The main thrust of this issue is that Lobo shows up to see if it’s worth trying to collect a bounty on Superman. When pointed out that Superman could just throw him into the sun, and there wouldn’t BE even a single drop of blood for Lobo to regenerate from, the big bad biker from space decides that nope, the bounty is not worth it. However, Superman makes his travel worth his time, and sics the bounty hunter on a thorn in his own side: Harley Quinn. So Lobo goes after her, to darkly comedic results, with a hint of Green Arrow and Black Canary thrown in.

This is by no means a written masterpiece…but I have to say that I enjoyed this issue and its story more than I have most comics lately! The story itself fits quite well within the established setting of the Injustice series and its parameters. I liked the longer singular story, compared to feeling more like I’m getting a couple of shorter stories and a random backup in some of the non-Annual issues.

I also enjoyed the visuals of the issue. Nothing glared out at me as weird or “off,” nothing took me out of the story as I turned the pages despite multiple artists; and I really like this version of Lobo.

While there’s a fair bit of context to be had, having read the series so far that makes this issue work, if you’re loosely familiar with Lobo and Harley (say, from the game itself or other media) and you know the premise of the game (superman’s taken over, the heroes are split and alliances are not what they used to be), you can probably enjoy this as a rather expensive (but at least thicker than a standard issue) once-shot story with nice art.

The overall saga of Injustice is not exactly advanced–this is a fairly “timeless” story within the setting and nothing stands out as “key,” though there are references grounding this in the continuity.

But this is still a good issue that I ultimately didn’t mind paying the $4.99 cover price quite as much as I would many others. If you come across this for a decent price (whatever you deem “decent”) it’s definitely worthwhile.

Injustice: Gods Among Us #10 [Review]


Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Tom Derenick, Mike S. Miller, Bruno Redondo
Colorists: David Lopez, Santi Casas of Ikari Studio
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Cover: Mico Suayan
Cover Colors: David Lopez, Santi Casas
Assistant Editor: Aniz Ansari
Senior Editor: Jim Chadwick
Published by: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Given the way I was drawn into this series, I almost hate to admit that it seems that even as things with the characters heat up, the series itself is cooling down for me. I have yet to get to play the game this is based on, so only have the story as this comic series to go on, and the premise is wearing a bit thin.

This issue gives us the next three chapters that were originally presented digitally…two dealing with the “main” story and one that’s really just a “side” story for “perspective.” In the main stuff, Superman’s group has learned that the Hawkgirl they were working with was actually the Martian Manhunter in disguise, while Batman’s group had taken out the original. In retaliation, Superman reveals Batman’s identity to the world. This doesn’t go over well with anyone–least of all Bruce–and prompts additional harsh action. Martian Manhunter confronts Superman and Wonder Woman, and uses his shape-shifting ability to threaten Wonder Woman’s life, prompting quick/deadly action from Superman. In the third part, we get a story of a kinder, gentler Superman of the past and how he went to extraordinary lengths to help a kid who fell off a bike.

Art-wise, no particular complaints. The art fits the stories the issue gives, and I never found myself trying to figure out what was going on due to confusing visuals. The “classic” Superman seemed slightly off, but I’m a lot more “forgiving” of that given this series is entirely its own thing…and I’ve gotten used to seeing a lot of visual interpretations of the character that don’t quite fit “my” preferences.

Though the series is cooling off for me, the story isn’t bad. It’s a bit jarring to see these characters–especially Superman–take things as far as they do; and to see where there can be more drastic, shocking consequences since this isn’t the “main” continuity (characters can be killed, maimed, etc.). I’m finding Flash to be a bit more of a “voice of reason” and the most true-to-form of the various characters; certainly “vocally.”

By and large, this far in, the story is steeped in its own continuity so there’s not much of a jumping-on point, and it seems rather unlikely that anyone would be randomly jumping in at a 10th issue without context of the earlier issues; there’s no real recap–externally or within the story itself–which works for me, having read all the earlier issues…but it wouldn’t seem likely to truly “clue in” a new reader looking for context.

Superman allowing–even instigating–the revelation of Bruce’s identity, particularly as retaliation seems uncharacteristic of Superman, given likely ramifications. I’ll buy it for the sake of the story, but with a healthy dose of skepticism. My favorite part of the issue was the flashback which is a rather strong Superman story, period–Injustice and otherwise.

All in all, not a bad issue…certainly nothing to disgust me into dropping the book, but nothing that particularly drives me to recommend someone jump in on this issue, or even the series, without already being interested in the concept to begin with.

As the issue re-presents 3 chapters that were originally 99-cents each, I’m paying a $1 “premium” to get/read this in print. Yet given the page count, it’s in line with (or has more than) other $3.99 books, so no huge issue there.

Injustice: Gods Among Us #8 [Review]

injusticegodsamongus008Public Relations

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artists: Mike S. Miller, Tom Derenick
Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Cover: Mico Suayan with Santi Casas & David Lopez of Ikari Studio
Senior Editor: Jim Chadwick
Published by: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

While to my knowledge I’ve read the entire series so far, I feel like I’m missing a piece somewhere, like I lost a couple pages or something…or just outright forgot something where a history/”previously…” blurb would have been quite helpful.

Lex Luthor joins in on the debate between Hawkgirl, Superman, and the others, pointing out that they have to change the “image” the world now has of them…to get out in front and explain to the world what they’re doing, their intent–rather than the world being left to merely observe and draw wild conclusions. Meanwhile, word gets out even beyond Earth to Kalibak (Darkseid’s son) on Apokalips, who takes Superman’s intention of peace to mean soft weakness. With Darkseid’s permission he leads a worldwide invasion against Earth, which leaves the heroes to test recent changes in “strategy.”

Other than somehow not remembering Luthor entering things–perhaps a total brainfart, perhaps just not catching it last month–I’m quite enjoying this series, this story. It certainly helps that so far this series is entirely self-contained…it’s epic, “event”-level stuff, yet it’s just…”itself.” No legions of tie-ins and extra minis and specials to buy. Not even any double-shipping to make the $3.99 cover price an even harder “sell.” Just one issue per month on a regular basis…which leaves me actually looking forward to the upcoming Annual (and wondering if that will be simply some extra chapters to keep the digital chapters from being TOO far ahead of the print edition, or something else).

The characters aren’t exactly all that ‘deep’ or anything, but there’s not room for much depth given how many are involved. Still, the overall “feel” to the story, to the issue works for me, as I just kept on turning pages…I was so engrossed in the story that I failed to even consciously note that the art changed in the middle of the issue. I can see it, consciously looking for it, of course. But it’s extremely rare for me to keep breezing through an issue without being at least slightly thrown off by such a shift.

The art’s good, obviously. There’s that consistency throughout, and the fact that nothing was so jarring as to pull me out of “the story” the entire art team gets loads of credit from me. I like the costume designs here…they’re classic overall, with some modifications that seem partially New-52 influenced, partially just modifications likely from the designers of the game this is based on to have the characters look cooler on-screen.

I typically don’t care much for comics based on video games, but if I was “just” reading this and had no context that it’s based on a game, I’d simply take it as an Elseworlds type thing; an alternate universe.

I imagine one would enjoy this particularly if familiar with the game…yet, in my own experience it’s enjoyable simply for being an alternate take on the characters, centered around a crucial event in Superman’s life.

If you’re not reading Injustice yet, you can get it as single chapters through the Comixology app on app-supportive devices; single issues (about 3 chapters each) in print, or wait til November or so for the first hardcover collected volume (first 6 issues/about 18 chapters).

Vexed by Variants

injusticegodsamongus1314I just posted the other day about my enthusiasm toward the Injustice: Gods Among us digital-first series. However, turns out the 4th “print edition” came out this week…and I’ve not had much luck toward finding early issues.

I did make it to another comic shop (that I don’t get to all that often) where I found issues 2 & 3. I don’t remember much about 3, except that I’m NOT buying a #3 when I don’t know for certain if #4 or #5 are even out yet or not…and certainly not when I can’t get #1 and #2.

BUT…this shop had #2…just not the first print.

Which normally wouldn’t bother me…but the printing they had in-stock was one of these horrible “sketch variant” or “pencils/inks-only” non-first-print deals, basically black and white linework with the logo…DC couldn’t even be bothered to provide COLOR with the thing.

So now, rather than almost cheerfully double-dipping or at least following the more expensive print format…I’m ready to say ok, fine, had my one-shot reading of this series-so-far…and now my “demand” is not being met, so I’m done.

injusticegodsamongus01to06If I can’t get ANY printing (for cover price) that actually looks like it belongs with the series in general–especially when a series otherwise has a fairly consistent look/feel/tone…you’re gonna lose me.

I am so sick of variants as-is already just with the “first print” of issues. So here, rather than “satisfying a demand” for the issue…I’ve refused to buy an issue BECAUSE the cover is an “inferior product” to me. And further–that’s one less issue to have, and so one more hurdle to actually converting me to a customer.

If they’d do something “simple,” like putting a small Roman numeral somewhere on the cover to make it clear to the caring eye that the thing’s NOT the “first print” or “first edition,” that’d satisfy the collector, and the reader like me who just wants the cover that matches the marketing (and the Comics app).

(That’s what turned me off completely to House of M back in the day: the rare/”ratioed” variant cover’s image was used for advertising, and the “regular” cover seemed boring and generic by comparison; seemed Marvel thought so, too, given they didn’t even use it for much advertising that I remember).

I’m not buying into a series at #4 or #5 or even #6 and going from there–if I can’t get #1 that looks like the #1 in the app (image itself and the image’s coloring) I’m not likely to buy #2. No #2, no #3, and so on. If I have to wait for the collected edition…well, so be it–but I’m done with the series until then.

One last digital purchase (chapter 15, ending what will likely be issue #5) and then it’s a crapshoot from there–if the collected edition comes out on a slow week and I feel like splurging for the purchase then, or if I get around to ordering it from Amazon or such for a discount. Had that #2 been a fully-colored cover, matching the image I see in the app, I might have bought #2-3 then, bought #4 when it hit the other day, and then be that much more interested in tracking down #1, and going from there. Instead, a crappy variant–rather than encourage a sale–has DIScouraged me not only from that issue, not only from the issues so far…but from the series itself: print AND digital.

I prefer the collected volumes. I’m not going to support the single issues when I feel like I’m getting the raw end of the deal.

Weekend Wonders and Even More Comics’ Pricing concerns

Though I’ve been largely avoiding most of DC‘s recent output, not much caring for most of the New 52 stuff…this weekend, I found myself totally drawn into their recent Injustice: Gods Among Us digital-first series. I’m pretty sure I missed the first print edition issue (see below for the result of that little interest).


But, having given the first issue away for “free” recently, I read it…and decided what the heck…another $1.98 to spend $1.98 for a ~30 page comic story wasn’t bad at all in this age of a few $2.99 but mostly $3.99 comics.

But I got to the end of chapter 3 (each $3.99 print edition I believe “collects” 3 chapters of the story as a single issue) and was interested still, so I went ahead and got chapters 4-6. Then 7-14.

And read the entire lot of ’em.


For something based on a videogame I haven’t played and probably won’t get to play (I own an old Wii that’s been a “Netflix box” and these days won’t even recognize wifi so just sits there), this series has been rather enjoyable–at least for a one-night, one-time, read-it-all-in-a-single-sitting kinda thing.

I might even “double-dip” and pick this up in print if I can find the first issue for cover price (and if not a first print, then hopefully no funky color variance or stupid “sketch/pencils-only” variants or such).


I’d followed the first bunch of Legends of the Dark Knight digital “issues” until I realized each “issue” was actually only about 10-12 pages, and once they started coming out in print, I’ve stuck with the print editions. And I might do the same here, having “sampled” a big chunk of stuff, and once the print catches up to this, see from there.

Friday I stopped by another comic shop with the intention of picking up Injustice #1 if they had it. Instead, I wound up buying four other things (they didn’t have Injustice #1).


I noticed an issue of Doctor Who from IDW. It was #6; I flipped through it, noticed it was “part 2 of 2” of whatever the story is, and saw #5 right behind it–part 1 of 2. Figured with the mood I was in, Amy and Rory on the cover of #5 and having JUST watched the midseason 7 finale The Angels Take Manhattan, I decided to grab both issues, just to check out the comics version of things, since I’m quite enjoying the tv series.


Despite thinking I’d gotten my fill of cheap hardbacks last week…seeing the 16+ issue Mighty Avengers: Dark Reign volume (normally $44.99) for $10.99, I decided to pick it up. That’s cheaper than buying 4 of the single issues, or like paying just under 70 cents per issue…and getting them without ads and in this single, hefty hardcover tome.


However, the Avengers volume stands in stark contrast to the Aliens volume…which incidentally carries a cover price of $10.99. Not horrible for what it is–a hardcover “graphic novella,” much in line with one I’d bought quite awhile back. I’m a bit of a sucker for the various Aliens comics…and not having kept up with Dark Horse Presents, I’m kinda enjoying seeing some of the specific stories serialized in that series collected as their own titles so I can buy “just” what I’m specifically interested in (so far, X and Aliens).


I’ve mentioned several times in the past in this blog that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff is my main “weakness” where I’ll overlook pricing in a way that I refuse to do with Marvel/DC in particular. Aliens books tend to be another…though I much prefer the Aliens Omnibus volumes for the “classic” comics material rather than the full-dimensioned smaller collected volumes.

Definitely an expensive weekend overall (especially with several World War Hulk digital issues thrown in there–I might not have bothered with the main 5-issue series, even at 99-cents per issue…but already having #1 thanks to the Marvel 700 #1s Giveaway, I figured having the full event “core series” for the price of a single print issue was worthwhile.

But I think this coming week is going to be fairly small, so that should make up for it a bit.

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