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Mid-March Acquisitions

A few more reasons I love my local comic shop: over the last couple weeks, got Ultimate Comics X: Origins, Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 10, The Iron Age, and X-Force vol. 1 hardcovers for 75% off.

Fitting right into that theme, I stumbled across X-Men: X-Cutioner’s Song for what worked out to 73% off cover price at another shop last week.


I read the first issue of Ultimate Comics X a little over 3 years ago, and even having paid full price for that issue then, I still have not paid the equivalent of 3 single issues for this series…and definitely look forward to reading this to see if it’s worthwhile.


Back in 2004-2005 or so, I tracked down X-Cutioner’s song after simply never having gotten around to it in years previous. I believe I found a cheap secondhand copy of an old edition of the paperback…but I’ve had my eye on this quasi-“Omnibus” edition for a couple years now…spotting it for $14 made my week!


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The Iron Age [Checklist]

JUNE 2011

  • The Iron Age: Alpha #1
  • The Iron Age #1

JULY 2011

  • The Iron Age #2


  • The Iron Age #3
  • The Iron Age: Omega #1

“As the Earth is destroyed from the cosmic might of one of the most feared enemies in the Marvel Universe, Iron Man is flung headling into the timestream! Can Stark return to the present to save the future? Only with the help of the greatest heroes can Iron Man return from the Iron Age!”

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