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Adding Another Lego Mech: Hulkbuster Iron Man

I spotted this in a store a few weeks back, but left it. Seeing a lot of Lego stuff clearanced out of Walmart and Target lately, I figured I’d better snag it while I can, before it becomes some nightmarish “out of production” hunt.


I’m a definite fan of the various Lego Mechs, so this is RIGHT up my alley.


The minifigs aren’t a bad bonus, either…a few pieces of the set going to those, and the contraption for Hulk…but the vast majority being for the Hulkbuster mech…not a bad purchase.

There’s a Batman set with a Bat-mech, but that’s about $20 more expensive and has enough other stuff I’m not interested in building/having, so I have not been able to talk myself into buying that as yet. But then, though it’s cool, it doesn’t have MUCH based in my Batman familiarity, either…whereas the Hulkbuster suit was in the most recent Avengers movie, and it just makes sense for Iron Man to have a giant oversized mech suit.

Now I just need to find time to actually get the thing assembled!

Kai’s Fire Mech…Again

While I’d bought and assembled one of these awhile back, kicking off my love of Lego Mechs…I wanted to give it a second go, this time for my cube at work.


Though I haven’t seen the set in Walmart or Target for awhile, I found it at a Barnes and Noble, and bought it.

A few days later, on a lunch break I opened it and managed to get it completely assembled.


I now have two Ninjago mechs and a Mixel on my cube as well as a couple of mini Chima mechs…and think I may want some more…

A Return to Lego-ing

It’s been quite awhile since I’d bought or assembled any Lego sets. I’ve bought several “mini sets”–those ones in the plastic packets that tend to be in the novelty aisle for Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, Trick or treat goodies, etc or just in the checkout lanes.

But the urge finally hit strongly enough to actually do some assembly.


Firstly, this ice-bear mech. I’m absolutely a sucker for Lego mechs, and this one was quite fun to put together. Quick, simple, looks cool…I even bought a second one just for the heckuvit, to repeat the experience and have a second one with things. It’s small enough, and I don’t’ know the actual Legend of Chima story stuff enough to know if it makes sense story-wise. But I like it. I put this one together on part of a lunch-break at work, and am thinking I may shift more Lego-ing to work lunches.


This one hardly got a second thought, given it’s a mech and a medium set–not tiny, not huge and expensive.


I probably spent a bit over an hour assembling this one, not too long at all, but not terribly quick.


I much prefer the thing in this “mode,” with the “sword wings” folded down.

There’s a Batman mech in a $50 set that I’m not quite willing to spend that much on, though I’ve been eyeing the thing for a few weeks. I’ll probably get it eventually, but for now, the mech-building itch has been (temporarily) scratched for the first time in over a year.

Baxter’s TMNT-Lego Robot Rampage

I recently found the TMNT Baxter Robot Rampage set on sale for a good discount, so went ahead and bought it. Ended up with it sitting around for a bit over a week until I finally got it put together, but finally did, and while it normally wouldn’t be my favorite Lego ‘mech, its awesomeness is increased by the mini-fig TMNT…


Dalek(s) Acquisition

A couple months back, I bought several of the Lego mini-figures blind-purchase packs…didn’t get any of the characters I was “interested” in. A couple weeks ago at a Books-a-Million with friends, I spotted Doctor Who micro-figures, also blind-purchase, for the same price.


This week, while at a Books-a-Million looking for Doctor Who on DVD, I wound up buying two of these blind-purchase packs. I felt the packaging–I really wanted a Dalek–and one pack was bulging.

I also realized I could feel the bumps of the Dalek’s rivets, and found another pack that I thought I could feel the same.

As it worked out, I was correct in my ‘feelings’ and scored a Dalek from the series 1 package, and a Dalek Strategist from the series 3 package. (I probably would have bought a third pack if they’d had any of the series 2 packs).


Best of all, these are basically in-scale with Lego mini-figures, and even fit on Lego pegs…which makes BOTH products that much MORE attractive to me!

series1  series3

I’m also quite interested in the Tardis mini-set (and it comes with the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond) and there are multi-packs out there (Daleks, Weeping Angels, Villain Assortment) so I’m not too concerned about getting a bunch of these blind packs.

Still…quite cool for an impulse-buy!

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