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Batman and Robin and the Library

After the death of Damian Wayne a couple weeks back, I put several requests in with the local library system. A number of the books came in at once, and I’ve been really enjoying the recent read-through.

For “free” I’m getting to read the entire original run of Batman and Robin, as well as the first volume of the New 52 iteration of the series. I’d actually forgotten how short the first run was…later this year the New 52 run will match the original.

Sometimes I get so caught up in fleshing out my own collection that I lose sight of the fact of what an AWESOME resource libraries are. Of course, if you don’t turn the books back in by their due date, you open up a whole other kettle of issues…


Library Haul, part two

Yesterday, I posted a photo of some of the books I’d snagged from a local library.

Here are several I snagged from the other local library. Between the two, the books are around $180.

$180 worth of graphic novels I’m reading, enjoying…but not having to (directly) pay for.

Certainly allows me to read a heckuva lot more than if I were sticking only to what I could purchase myself!


Library Haul, part one

While their non-manga graphic novel selection is extremely…shall we say…”limited”…I did find several gems at the Willoughby Public Library today.

One of the Millar volumes of Fantastic Four, and two of the McDuffie volumes. I probably oughtta look toward requesting the Hickman volumes that’re out there.

And then several of the IDW GI Joe volumes.

All told, over $100 I don’t have to spend to read.


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