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Welcome to 2020

Welcome to a new decade. Yes, I consider 2020 the start of a new decade–it’s the start of the ’20s. One doesn’t refer to the ’80s and 1990, or the ’90s and 2000, etc. When I turn 40, that indicates I’ve completed 40 trips around the sun, but it will still be the start of "my ’40s."



I’ve written several drafts of stuff as a year-start post and I’m not all that keen on any of those the way I’d envisioned as I started writing. So here I am, day-of, doing a bit of a stream-of-conscious(ness?) piece.

2019review_1_actual_review2019review_ultraverse_revisitedIn 2019, I only wrote ONE true REVIEW (covering a current brand-new issue). I only wrote 2 new posts of older issues (‘__s Revisited). I posted several stockpiled/not-yet-formatted Ultrverse Revisited posts written in 2018. I posted several entries on adding NECA TMNT (and 1 Aliens) items to my collection. A Super-Blog Team-Up post on the Shredder Redeemed. Some excitement for Spawn #300 and launching my #SpawnQuest. Getting a nearly 100-issue run of Uncanny X-Men allowing me to decide to begin my personal collection with Days of Future Past-forward. And I’m pretty sure I managed to document the entire year’s worth (52 weeks) of NEW-new comics (albeit with a number of posts covering multiple weeks’ worth each).

2019review_shredderOf course, after periods of having (week)-daily posts for extended times including over a year into mid-2017…that makes 2019 seem like one of my least-worthwhile blogging years, looked at as a whole.

2020 Blogging

  • I want to get back into my Ultraverse Revisited project. I believe I have Ultraverse Premiere #0 and Firearm #0 to cover between the November 1993 issues and December 1993’s Break-Thru linewide event.
  • I want to get back to covering some further issues of TMNT Adventures, and having decided several years back that I could see "seasons" in the title, I believe I’d be covering "season 3" with 26-38 + Mutanimals 1-6.
  • I want to get back to some regular-ish ‘__s Revisited posts.
  • I also have a couple other tentative projects shaping up to participate in with others that I intend to have posts for here as well.

2020 Comics

  • I’m beginning the year with the intent of working on hunting down Spawn #s 101-256; 156 issues. I’m pretty sure I have 8 or 9 from #185-193 or so, which means I’m only hunting about HALF of the series in its entirety.
  • I’m also beginning 2020 with the intent of seeking out the "classic" 1990s Marvel 2099 stuff; with several specials and then later issues of the 4 "OG" titles (Spider-Man, Ravage, Doom, Punisher) and a handful of X-Men, and the back half of Ghost Rider, and then whatever other misc. issues I’m forgetting.
  • Beyond stuff I’m interested in acquiring that I don’t already (know I) own…I’m also hoping to get some significant sorting/purging done on my accumulation and get it to being more of an actual collection again than a random "warehouse" of "stuff."

2020 ‘Grails’

  • Uncanny X-Men #141 (part 1 of Days of Future Past)
  • TMNT Adventures: Year of the Turtle #1
  • Prime #1 (hologram cover, silver OR gold)
  • Wolverine (1988) #145 (foil edition)

So we’ll see what actually comes to pass over the next 365 days or so. I believe it’s also a "leap year," with 29 days in February, so…bonus?

Time will tell!


Comics stuff I want to read this year

I’ve decided to attempt a “To Be Read” challenge for 2011 (see earlier posting and the link at the top of this blog). But in addition to having a list of books I want to read this year, I have a number of comics and collected editions I want to try to read this year.

Back in 2004, I’d picked up the first volume of Preacher, and figured maybe it’d take a few months to a year to go through the entire series. Nearly 7 years later, I’ve only read to vol. 6 or vol. 7. I’d like to finish the series this year.

I’ve read the first couple volumes of Transmet, and it’d be cool to get through that entire series this year.

Recently reading some of Ron Marz‘ work on Witchblade, I’d like to catch up on his run and keep up for 2011 at least.

I’d like to finish reading Naoki Urasawa‘s Monster series. I’ve read 14 vols so far…only 4 to go.

I’d like to Acquire the hardcover to Annihilation: Conquest vol. 2, and finish reading the Annihilation volumes. Also find the Heroes Reborn: Avengers tpb and Heroes Reborn: The Return tpb (with that mini, and the 5th-week even from 2000 or so). Complete my collection of the Devil’s Due GI Joe run. Find the hardcover of the Devil’s Due Dragons of Autumn Twilight for a reasonable price and acquire it.

I’d also like to–in some format–read the original Spider-Man vs. Wolverine issue from the late-1980s. I’ve been aware of its existence since 1992, but I still have not ever read it.

I’m planning on revisiting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures series, at least in part, for a series of blog entries. Ditto the Ultraverse Prime series and perhaps Rune. Also attempt to make my way through the “Brand New Day” era of Spider-Man, as provided by a friend since I refuse to purchase Amazing Spider-Man (or any Spider-Man title) in the main Marvel Universe with an unmarried Peter/MJ.

But as always…we’ll see what happens. And maybe I’ll remember to revisit this post in about 12 months and see what I actually managed to follow through with.

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