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Trinity #52 cover is how it SHOULD be done

Over at DC’s blog, The Source, there’s a sneak-peek at the cover to Trinity #52. Apparently, this triple-sized cover will be a “gatefold” image–that is, the front and back covers, and an extra panel folding in at the front–will open up to reveal this FULL image, all on the single issue.

WHY this couldn’t be done with Justice Society of America #26 (also a 3-panel image) is BEYOND me…and is incredibly annoying.  (More annoying still when DC–or any other company, for that matter–puts out a TWO-panel image as two separate covers, rather than as a non-gatefold wrap-around!)

I don’t mind so much if, say, 3+ covers for DIFFERENT issues can all be placed together as a single image–but breaking the image up into multiple covers for the exact same issue is something I call shenanigans on.

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