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My replacement TMNT Ultimate Collection vol. 3 has arrived

tmntultcollectionvol3A few weeks ago, I ordered the TMNT Ultimate Collection vol. 3. While it arrived quickly, I was highly disappointed to find that the spine was crushed at the top and bottom–nothing huge, but it looked weird with that damage when compared to the first two volumes side-by-side.

Thankfully, Amazon allows returns/exchanges, and will even provide a mailing label for you to ship damaged goods back to them.

My replacement copy of the book arrived tonight, and I’m quite satisfied with this copy…and really looking forward to the next two volumes in this series, as they’ll be collecting the entire City at War story.

These volumes have been very impressive. When I found out about them last year, I figured they’d be the same size as Marvel‘s oversized hardcovers, but these are bigger. They definitely dwarf regular-sized comics:


The oversized format makes the art significantly larger, and the double-page spreads make me much gladder that I missed out on the Mirage-published paperback a few years ago…the spine would have been destroyed trying to take in the full scope of the pages. Plus, this series is already past the issues in that volume and sounds like it’ll be 5 books total, reprinting the original Eastman/Laird material, what I consider the “core” TMNT continuity.


The volumes look great together…these are certainly a highlight of my collection.


Rediscovering a favorite story in TMNT Ultimate Collection vol. 2

tmntultcollection002My copy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Collection vol. 2 arrived today.

I think the main reason I placed the order the other day was discovering the TPB of the first TMNT arc from IDW seems to be out of print, and I did NOT want to have to chase this book from the OOP-booksellers online. It also helped that I got to look at a copy of the book at a comic shop on Free Comic Book Day.

But the reason I’m posting…I’m fascinated at my own reaction to this. After I got it out of the box and bubble wrap and such (yeah, the book came in bubble-wrap!) I flipped through, wholly intending to set it aside and continue about my evening. But I had to take a closer look at a couple of the annotations, and before I knew it I was reading the annotations pages (notes from co-creators Eastman AND Laird about the individual issues), reading parts of several of the issues, and just thoroughly enjoying re-immersing myself in these issues.

tmntfirstbookivAnd at least for present, as of this typing…I have to say that several of my absolute favorite TMNT issues are #1, and the Leonardo one-shot and TMNT #s 10-11. The first issue obviously introduces the characters, and especially as a kid it was interesting to read the first appearance of these characters (now as an adult I appreciate so much of what Eastman and Laird did in that issue and the initial concept of the characters!).

The 3-part story from Leonardo #1 and TMNT #10-11 (The “return” of Shredder) has long stood out to me. I first read the story as a kid, in the First graphic novel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Book IV in color with quite an iconic cover. I even have a framed copy of the art from a TMNT calendar I had as a kid) on the wall in my living room.

tmntbookivframedartLater in college, I think that was the only TMNT book the university library had (at least in its general collection for checking out), so I read it several more times through the years. That story also was heavily used in the 1990 live-action film (though there, it was Raphael who got beat up by the Foot instead of Leonardo).

When I was in grad school, I made a point of tracking down the single issues for this arc, and again enjoyed the story.

And now here again I’ve enjoyed it, and even look forward to its re-presentation in single issues in the TMNT Color Classics series.

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